Up next for me is the eerily enticing “THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY” by John Everson. ( )

Flame Tree Press ( ) is cranking out the horror and sci-fi/fantasy stuff this September and October… You’d be a fool to miss out on established and newer authors alike. This is a hell of a launch and I’m eagerly anticipating more continued great reads from them in the future.

Don’t miss out. Follow the link above and browse those titles. This is a company to keep your eyes on. I haven’t been this excited for the genre since the horror boom of the 80s and 90s.

“HOUSE” will be next, as I am writing a review this week for “SUSPENDED IN DUSK II” ( ) and finishing up an ARC of the latest from John F.D. Taff “LITTLE BLACK SPOTS”( )

Both of these collections are dark and wonderful reading… High props to Grey Matter Press for continuing to deliver the horror writing and quality collections. If you’re a fan of great writing and want some chills in your summer night air… Head over to their website and order one- or both!

The amazing covers are just the icing on a deliciously morbid cake. Reviews of them very soon, over the next week or two.

These two publishers are just the beginning of the upcoming horror love. They are also great places to start, if you haven’t already. Check ’em out!

Until next time, keep reading, keep writing and Dream Darkly.

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