Suspended In Dusk II (review excerpt)

Suspended In Dusk II: Edited by Simon Dewar

Reviewed by Brian Bogart

Simon Dewar’s second instalment of the series really delivers. There. That’s my review. Deal with it.

Ah, who the hell am I kidding? There is plenty to talk about between the covers. So much so, I fear I may be suspended in my own nightmare of everlasting dusk if I reviewed every single tale. But, I am definitely going to touch on some high points, because this collection has thrown together a multitude of quality writing that begs to be read.

It kicks off with a wonderful introduction by Angela Slatter and sets the tone for this dark anthology. Even for those who skip intros, I suggest you read it. It’s moody and spot-on for this series.

Karen Runge kicks us off with Angeline, the tale of a sad and broken woman with a not-so-subtle fascination and fetish, finding hope and love in the fantasy. This story is a hell of a way to get started- a quick slap to the senses to get the ball rolling. The world can be a harsh mistress, especially for those blinded by obsession.

Damien Angelica Walters creeps up on you with Sundowners, a horror tale that many of us fear and have known personally. I am one of them. Sometimes, the strangers in your house are more than simple ghosts. That face in the window is only there to remind you, if you are willing to listen.

If you want something more difficult to pin down and even harder to describe, Paul Tremblay goes a little “far out” with There’s No Light Between Floors….


Want to read more? There’s plenty to enjoy at where I dive into even more of this fantastic collection.

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