The first punch had surprised Stanley. He wasn’t aware he was even pummelling his best friend because he was distracted by the white noise in his head. Every time his fist connected, it eased the static in his ears. It faded then increased in volume, repeatedly. Every punch gave way to the most glorious of … Continue reading THE FERAL EFFECT (excerpt)

Back From the Dead (Quarantine Blues and Book Bliss)

Let me look into those wild and wondering eyes.... God damn- I've missed that stare of yours. Shhhhh.... Now, now. Don't scream. It really does no good, anyway. I know it's been a while, but surely you haven't forgotten good ole DreamsDarkly, have you? Yeah. Maybe you have. It has been a number of months … Continue reading Back From the Dead (Quarantine Blues and Book Bliss)

Great Article from Tim Waggoner, or- “How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Just Write…”

Another wonderful post from Tim. Many thanks! For more, subscribe to his blog/mailing list. Always insightful and his books are entertaining, as well. You can also check out my review of Tim's Killer Shark Flesh-eater Fest, "BLOOD ISLAND", here: