“Her Songs” (flash fiction)

I once tried my hand at something sentimental and romantic, without the dark undertones I am normally fond of... "The music started and her eyes closed, her movements short but sure. She tossed her hair to the side, a smile crawling across her lips. Within the sounds, she became enthralled. Within the verses, she found … Continue reading “Her Songs” (flash fiction)


THE REWRITE (flash fiction)

  "The Rewrite" (Flash Fiction)    Sitting at the keyboard, searching for words. The phrases played along his fingertips like a striptease started slowly, but never fully granted no matter the price he paid. So many things he could write and the need to express accordingly caused the dullest of aches in the stomach, and … Continue reading THE REWRITE (flash fiction)


Harry knew that, the minute he had laid eyes on Sally, that she was one of a kind. That pale skin. Her hair falling in waves. She was gorgeous, no doubt. Wide eyes that hinted at things he needed from her. That strange smile, a bit crooked, as if trying to hide it from him … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY


Tommy Dugan had never been squeamish about death. From a very early age, it had been a simple fact of life. You couldn't outrun it, couldn't outlast it. Sometimes, you could prolong it. Hell, even that wasn't a guarantee. Over the years he had seen many fit and presumably-healthy men and women roll through the … Continue reading FIRST DATE