It wasn’t the sight of the alien spacecrafts filling the warm August skies above us that signified the approaching end of life as we knew it. It wasn’t the droning electric whir of the lasers scorching the cities below, toppling buildings and reducing the flesh of the innocent onlookers to ash within seconds. It … Continue reading WHILE THE PLANET SCREAMS (excerpt)


Smile, Damn It…

Been a rough couple of weeks. Hell, a month. Went in to have some dental surgery done. What should have taken a week or so to heal unfortunately became a month- long battle with tooth removal, lingering infection and pain. Seems that my impacted wisdom teeth I had removed years ago left a lasting impression … Continue reading Smile, Damn It…

Great Article from Tim Waggoner, or- “How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Just Write…”

Another wonderful post from Tim. Many thanks! https://writinginthedarktw.blogspot.com/2019/05/riding-out-storms.html?fbclid=IwAR2pubOSK44KoJGhqwtpd95jgroEoyOesVzVj7_CHvOnGEqaSNKYczUFpIc For more, subscribe to his blog/mailing list. Always insightful and his books are entertaining, as well. You can also check out my review of Tim's Killer Shark Flesh-eater Fest, "BLOOD ISLAND", here: http://kendallreviews.com/blood-island-tim-waggoner-kendall-review/      

FAITH IN THE FLAME (and my writing, too)

(I originally posted to Twitter, but wanted to give this a proper full-length post) Happy to announce that later this year, I will be published in an upcoming anthology, courtesy of Flame Tree Publishing. It will be AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 15TH.   http://blog.flametreepublishing.com/fantasy-gothic/gothic-fantasy-successful-submissions-detective-mysteries-and-epic-fantasy?fbclid=IwAR3UwJPy5_oZ0jAuLUulA1dizpadqlk79zb1Yxih0_Yrj6g81ULPEWnSpbI A part of their wonderful Gothic Fantasy series of collections, this is an anthology of EPIC FANTASY. It is … Continue reading FAITH IN THE FLAME (and my writing, too)