(from first draft and currently editing for pacing and more proper sentence structure, comma placement, abundance of adverbs, etc.) The world had stayed white for a long time. The sound of crunching metal and car horn soon melted away to heavy rain outside and the eventual whine of wailing sirens. They seemed as loud … Continue reading FIRST DRAFT (LILY)


LILY (an excerpt)

  From the chapter "First Editions and Lasting Impressions" I thumbed through a few of the titles on the table in front of me. The usual kind of easy sellers found in any tourist location. 'History of Haunted New Orleans' caught my eye, with an artist's spooky rendition of Bourbon Street complete with fog and … Continue reading LILY (an excerpt)


Up next for me is the eerily enticing "THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY" by John Everson. ( ) Flame Tree Press ( ) is cranking out the horror and sci-fi/fantasy stuff this September and October... You'd be a fool to miss out on established and newer authors alike. This is a hell of a launch … Continue reading MY NEXT READ…