(from first draft and currently editing for pacing and more proper sentence structure, comma placement, abundance of adverbs, etc.) The world had stayed white for a long time. The sound of crunching metal and car horn soon melted away to heavy rain outside and the eventual whine of wailing sirens. They seemed as loud … Continue reading FIRST DRAFT (LILY)


"If Stephen King and Jim Butcher ever had a love child then it would be Alan Baxter."- Smash Dragons Once October obligations are handled, will read these and review next month.


Harry knew that, the minute he had laid eyes on Sally, that she was one of a kind. That pale skin. Her hair falling in waves. She was gorgeous, no doubt. Wide eyes that hinted at things he needed from her. That strange smile, a bit crooked, as if trying to hide it from him … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY


Up next for me is the eerily enticing "THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY" by John Everson. ( ) Flame Tree Press ( ) is cranking out the horror and sci-fi/fantasy stuff this September and October... You'd be a fool to miss out on established and newer authors alike. This is a hell of a launch … Continue reading MY NEXT READ…