HOUSE OF SKIN by Jonathan Janz (Review via KendallReviews)

My recent review of yet another spook-tacular Jan novel can be found here:


THE FERAL EFFECT (excerpt, novel WIP)

CHAPTER 7 Stanley almost got caught in a lie. After breakfast, he followed his wife into the kitchen. She placed the plates into the sink, turning on the hot water. He kissed her forehead and flashed his most innocent smile. "You meeting up with the boys?" she asked. "Yeah," he said. "A few of us … Continue reading THE FERAL EFFECT (excerpt, novel WIP)


"If Stephen King and Jim Butcher ever had a love child then it would be Alan Baxter."- Smash Dragons Once October obligations are handled, will read these and review next month.


Harry knew that, the minute he had laid eyes on Sally, that she was one of a kind. That pale skin. Her hair falling in waves. She was gorgeous, no doubt. Wide eyes that hinted at things he needed from her. That strange smile, a bit crooked, as if trying to hide it from him … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY


Up next for me is the eerily enticing "THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY" by John Everson. ( ) Flame Tree Press ( ) is cranking out the horror and sci-fi/fantasy stuff this September and October... You'd be a fool to miss out on established and newer authors alike. This is a hell of a launch … Continue reading MY NEXT READ…