Great Article from Tim Waggoner, or- “How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Just Write…”

Another wonderful post from Tim. Many thanks! For more, subscribe to his blog/mailing list. Always insightful and his books are entertaining, as well. You can also check out my review of Tim's Killer Shark Flesh-eater Fest, "BLOOD ISLAND", here:      


THE FERAL EFFECT (excerpt, novel WIP)

CHAPTER 7 Stanley almost got caught in a lie. After breakfast, he followed his wife into the kitchen. She placed the plates into the sink, turning on the hot water. He kissed her forehead and flashed his most innocent smile. "You meeting up with the boys?" she asked. "Yeah," he said. "A few of us … Continue reading THE FERAL EFFECT (excerpt, novel WIP)

FAITH IN THE FLAME (and my writing, too)

(I originally posted to Twitter, but wanted to give this a proper full-length post) Happy to announce that later this year, I will be published in an upcoming anthology, courtesy of Flame Tree Publishing. It will be AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 15TH. A part of their wonderful Gothic Fantasy series of collections, this is an anthology of EPIC FANTASY. It is … Continue reading FAITH IN THE FLAME (and my writing, too)